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SALEMSchool sports are investigating the student desires and inclinations and gives a real field in order to highlight its capabilities in various areas which compete under the banner of sport is going.

 Always seeks a physical education teacher to create a mathematical base of his students and put them in the field of competition through competitive activity plans.

Through these competitions consist Sports generations have the knowledge, information and capacity oriented correctly.

And consists of a child's memories and hopes of sporting success is achieved in creating a personal ability to give and hope.



                                                              MR.SAYED SWELAM

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welcome all those who work in the field of sports teachers and coaches and sports enthusiasts.


 I hope you and my admiration and meet your wishes and continue to be a link between us and you

And invite everyone to post constructive views and new topics that benefit everyone for development and excellence in the field of sports that will benefit our beloved and dear




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IMG 1511Teaching school swimming share create student strong character and spirit of fair competition.


And learn to swim in early age makes student if healthy and sound physical and psychological
So from my exp.


erience in the field of education creditsite educational curricula developers that focus on school sports to create healthy generation is free of diseases and sports lover of sport .


                                                                      MR.SAYED SWELAM                                                                                            

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